16 Amazing Apps for your business.

How Planning and Setting Goals and using Amazing Apps can work for you!

Well, the New Year (and decade) has well and truly bounced in, made its appearance and well, faded into the background hasn’t it? It seems that long ago.

Resolutions or Goals?

Did you make any resolutions or goals, more to the point? I did, I made the choice to become more visible, which is hard for a Virtual Assistant who works from home, behind the scenes.

But it doesn’t have to be, when you have technology, you can work via Zoom, and go to networking meetings and have audio meetings and podcasts and the like.

So, the question is, have you kept to any of your resolutions or goals? I guess the question is, how are you tracking or plotting them? Is it just a dream that you are venturing towards, or are you actively planning out a goal that is prearranged for a future point in time and then working backwards?

There are apps, calendars and planners that help you to get to work on these, but which do you choose and there are so many.

Electronic or Paper?

I must admit, I have tried so many in the past and do you choose to go the electronic or paper way? I’m torn both ways.

Being a virtual, remote worker, I love the efficiency of the ‘drag and drop’ digital calendars but being a PA of the ‘olden days’ I also love the good old paper planners and diaries too.


Well, wait for it – I actually work with both! They compliment me in many ways. I utilise my time-management by booking time out of my digital calendar. I do this by blocking time-slots for my retainer clients so that those hours are set throughout the month. Even if they get ‘dragged and ‘dropped’ around other commitments, and you also get those little reminders pop up (if you set them, of course), so that it makes you more productive on the task in hand to complete what you are working on.

With regard to the paper planners, if you have read some of my blogs previously or shed some light on my social media posts then you will know that I am a big, big fan of Claire Mitchell’s 2020 Awesome Marketing Planner. This has truly, truly changed the way in how I have become amazingly organised.

A couple of months or so prior to Christmas, my VA mentor, Amanda Johnson from VACT knew that I had lost my business ‘mojo’ a little and had lost my farsightedness as to where I was going with my business. When discussing my original plans from the GSDD earlier in the year, and getting back on plan, Amanda had introduced me to the 2020 Awesome Marketing Planner and the way that this was set out was just a no-brainer for me.

This planner has brilliant ways to plan your social media, your blogs, the trackers to keep on-top of everything, newsletter trackers, sales trackers – and the support that you get is truly amazing as well! Can you tell I’m a fan! So much so, that I’m now an affiliate for the planner.

As I’d already bought this in October, I’d got good pre-planning time to get to grips with it. There is also a PDF version and online videos and support with it as well.

This gave me the grace to get on-board and plan my marketing strategy as to what I had to do next. With a gusto, my plans to ‘become more visible’ have started to take place in January already! I trust that you have begun to see the efforts of my labours.

Angela Bolster On-AirBehind the scenes, I have been recording videos for an online course due out in the Spring, there was a video of me, that you may have seen (aagh) online too – a rare sight, I can tell you. And also another project I am working on that will be released very soon, and only just this week was I only on BBC Radio Nottingham talking about how I used to work as a VA for Celebrities, back in the good old days!

The moral of the planning? When you set your goal to paper, it really does work out, and that’s just in the first month of the year (decade).

Amazing Apps, Tools and Resources

So, what other amazing apps, tools and resources do I use, I hear you asking?

Well, I have produced a document called Tools and Resources that I use regularly and recommend. This has been well thought out and others have been tried and tested by me and some even pushed aside as they haven’t worked for me.

That’s not to say that they wouldn’t work for you, each to their own, as they say. I do both work for myself and have clients that I have to work for too, so I do need things to be of a professional standard and they have to work right and right first time.

Within this Tools and Resources document, there is a Tool:, Info:, Why: and Top Tip: reference to identify each tool or resource’s usefulness.

If you want to know a little more about what I do, then please feel free to join my monthly NottmVA News or take a look at my Top Ten Tips for Freelancers.

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